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Collaboration with "food" artists from all over the world!

In a variety of natural environments, producers who grow organic crops with passionate farming methods, chefs who feel the characteristics of the ingredients and cook them, all of them are creators and artists!

We have had the opportunity to meet many people from all over the world through WWOOF and Workaway at our existing facilities, and have had the opportunity to experience various food cultures.

A young man from Italy has been a pizza craftsman since his grandfather's time and has provided us with delicious pizza.

Working as a chef in a French restaurant, he served us home-cooked French food at our regular potluck parties.

He came from Thailand and runs his own restaurant and guesthouse, offering authentic Thai cuisine.

She came from Israel and made falafel, a vegan dish.

Based on these experiences, we collaborate with the techniques and experience cultivated in each region, including food artists and hidden gems from around the world, using fresh Kochi ingredients as a base.

We would like to create opportunities for people to experience the food cultures of various countries and regions that can only be experienced at that moment.
  • ◆AVA-cafe interior

  • ◆cafe menu

    \New menu! tortilla roll up/
    Chickpea hamburger steak and homemade carrot salad sandwiched between tortillas! The sauce is made with rice miso and has a sweet and spicy finish.(500 JPY/Tax included)
    • Ratatouille with lots of vegetables
      This is a local dish from the Provence region in southern France.(500 JPY/Tax included)
    • mushroom duxelle
      A dish made with stir-fried mushrooms and onions and boiled down with red wine.(500 JPY/Tax included)
    • Carrot Rape
      French home cooking A refreshing carrot salad with apples and dried raisins.(500 JPY/Tax included)
    • caramelized pumpkin
      It's a dessert-like dish that uses only brown sugar, butter, and pumpkin.(500 JPY/Tax included)
    • AVA-cafe basic information

      Business hours
      ・Cafe 12:00 to 15:00
      ・Bar 17:00 to 21:00(Until 23:00 on Saturdays only)
      *Non-guests can use it only on weekends.(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • ◆【Finished】First food artist collaboration! Japanese and Western seasonal special lunch

    As the first collaboration with a food artist, AVA-cafe will deliver a special Japanese and Western seasonal lunch prepared by Dutch chef Bob.(*Limited to 10 meals)

    10/6 to 10/8(Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
    10/13 to 10/15(Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

    1,800 yen(Tax included)

    For reservations, please call the phone number listed under "Contact information" at the bottom of the page.
    • main plate
      Fried fish from Kochi with carrot ginger puree and citrus beurre blanc, spinach with ponzu sauce, carrot rappe and mini salad, grain mustard dressing, and Shimanto rice.
    • sub plate
      Two types of fries, chickpea hummus and slide baguette
    • Dessert
      Yuzu coconut panna cotta, miso caramel and candied yuzu peel sauce
  • ◆【Finished】Second food artist collaboration! ENY×AVA special menu

    As our second collaboration with food artists, we will be delivering South American cuisine ``ENY'' by Eri & Reny✨

    10/28 (Saturday) 15:00 to 21:00
    10/29 (Sunday) 12:00 to 17:00

    🍽️Plate menu:1,000 yen
    ★red bean paste
    ★Scrambled eggs
    ★sour cream
    ★Chevyche(marinated vegetables)

    (mix white rice, black rice, red rice, aromatic rice, green rice) or tortilla

    🍽️ Burrito:1,000 yen
    The above menu wrapped in tortillas