【Official】ArtistVillageApartments Kochi

An inn where you can stay as if you were living while enjoying the finest music! Sometimes you can stretch your legs and explore nature.

Artist Village Apartments kochi is located on Obisan Road with its beautiful stone pavement on the south side of one of the main streets of Obiyamachi Shopping Street, which has the No. 1 arcade in Kochi with a total length of 650m. 80m, 130m to Otesuji where the Sunday Market (Tosa Sunday Market) is held, and 300m to Kochi Castle. is.

AVA-cafe (Collaboration cafe)

  • Collaboration with "food" artists from all over the world!

    In addition to the accommodation reception counter, the 1st floor has a vegan cafe & bar that guests can use.It is also recommended to use it as a co-working space as it is equipped with power supply and WiFi.

    A lounge party is also held at sunset on weekends.Enjoy great music, food and drink.

Basement Gallery/Studio

Inside this facility/facilities

  • Front desk

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  • Washbasin, toilet, shower

    Washrooms, toilets and showers for guests are on the 3rd floor.

    washbasin:2 bowls
    Toilet:male 1 female 1
    shower room:2 rooms
  • About smoking

    Smoking is not permitted in this facility.
    If you smoke, please use the designated smoking area.
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Hotel Name

Artist Village Apartments Kochi


2-1-13 Obiya Town, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

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